Advertising on Cryptobunkerpro

Thanks for your interest in advertising on Cryptobunkerpro. We provide daily news and insights to the cryptocurrency community, attracting a global audience of crypto enthusiasts, investors, and industry professionals. By advertising with us, you can reach a wide range of individuals interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Being part of the Cryptobunkerpro community offers you the opportunity to promote your business effectively. We have various advertising options available, and we would be happy to discuss the details with you. Below is an overview of our advertising offerings, exclusive of any applicable taxes and/or GST:


    1. Leaderboard Advertisement โ€“ $1000 per month:
        • Prominently positioned at the top of the homepage.
        • Visible on all pages, ensuring maximum exposure.
    2. Sidebar & Mobile Advertisement โ€“ $650 per month:
        • Multiple slots available for increased visibility.
        • Visible on all mobile pages, capturing the attention of mobile users.
    3. Banner/In-page Advertisement โ€“ $750 per month:
        • Placed in the middle and bottom sections of each article, maximizing visibility.

We also offer discounted combinations of advertisements and upfront payment options for fixed periods. If you have specific requirements or would like a tailored advertising package, please get in touch with us, and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Here are the specifications for the different advertisement formats:


    1. Leaderboard Advertisement:
        • Size: 1200×150 pixels
        • Maximum file size: 100kb
        • Recommended frame count: 5 or less
    2. Sidebar & Mobile Advertisement (Desktop):
        • Size: 400×120 pixels
        • Maximum file size: 70kb
        • Recommended frame count: 5 or less
    3. Sidebar & Mobile Advertisement (Mobile):
        • Size: 311×100 pixels
        • Maximum file size: 70kb
        • Recommended frame count: 5 or less
    4. Banner/In-Page Advertisement:
        • Size: 800×120 pixels
        • Maximum file size: 80kb
        • Recommended frame count: 5 or less

If you require assistance in creating your ads, we are here to help. Simply provide us with the following information:


    • Color preferences (if aligning with your website, please provide the URL)
    • Text for each frame (if animated)
    • Call-to-action text for the click button
    • High-resolution images of the product or service being advertised

Please note that our operational hours are based on the GMT timezone.

Thank you for considering advertising with Cryptobunkerpro. We are excited to work with you and help you gain exposure within the cryptocurrency community.